Social Media and Mental Health: How to Help Your Child Develop Healthy Social Media Habits

In today’s world, children and teens are growing up in a digital age and are exposed to various types of devices. Social media influences how children and teens feel, learn, think, develop, and behave. It is inevitable for your child to be exposed to the online world, and at Fairhope Pediatrics, we encourage you to […]

Pediatric Mental Health Through Our Eyes

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share how Fairhope Pediatrics is leading the way in pediatric mental health. At each wellness visit, our patients are screened for depression, anxiety, and behavioral and developmental concerns. Our providers can treat and refer based on these results. […]

The Benefits of Laughter

Families that laugh together tend to be happier, healthier and more supportive of one another. As busy as life can be, it’s important to build fun into family time. Whether it’s singing silly songs in the car or telling jokes around the dinner table, remember to take a moment to laugh with your kids.  Kids […]

COVID-19 Vaccines Through the Eyes of a Pediatric Health Care Expert

As you consider getting your child vaccinated against COVID-19, you may find it difficult to process all the information circulating around vaccines. Fairhope Pediatrics is here to provide clarification and help you avoid misinformation as you consider vaccinating your child against COVID-19. The Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in […]

Screening Early for Developmental Delays

Did you know that one in six children between ages three and 17 have one or more developmental or behavioral disabilities? According to the American Family Physician’s journal, less than one-fifth of children with developmental delays receive early intervention services and are unaware of their developmental disabilities. Developmental delays refer to a child who has […]

Let’s Talk: Healthy Habits for the New Year

New year, new family habits! This month, take time to set goals the entire family can participate in. Our pediatrician-approved healthy habits are attainable goals your family can set and maintain throughout 2022 and beyond. 1. Snack smart. It’s time to leave processed snacks behind. Snacks such as cookies and sodas have zero health benefits […]

Our Pediatric Approved Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…again! Don’t panic, at Fairhope Pediatrics we have you covered with our pediatric approved gift guide. Although high-ticket items are popular buys, it is important we remember your child’s specific developmental needs. Trust us, we got Santa’s approval! Infants (0-1 Years): In the first year, your baby will […]

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Food Allergies

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we could not be more thankful! Did you know 8% of children and 5% of adults have food allergies? Food allergies can be hard to avoid, especially during a food-filled holiday. At Fairhope Pediatrics, we are here to help you prepare and stay away from preventable food allergy accidents! Plan […]

Your Pediatrician’s Guide to Halloween: Trick-or-Treating Safety.

Mummies and monsters are the least of your worries on Halloween when cars, costumes, COVID-19, and stranger danger can give you a fright. To keep Halloween on a sweet note, a little preplanning and precaution can keep each family member safe and smiling. Before your big night out, review our pediatrician-approved list of Halloween safety […]

Let’s Talk: Potty Training

As your baby grows into a toddler and beyond, there are many ways they will become more independent. While reaching milestones can be exciting, potty training might require more of your patience and attention. Every child is different, so it can be tricky to know which potty-training approach will work best for your child. In […]